Model Call: Full Day in the Life, Half Day in the Life, & Motherhood Photo Sessions

I am restructuring my photo session offerings and looking for a few families with young kids who would like to receive a free photo session. In order to be considered you must sign a model release to allow me to use your photos online. In exchange you will receive 5-10 high-res digital images delivered via online gallery with an option to purchase more (not required). Families will be chosen based on the needs of my portfolio and sessions will take place in late 2019-early 2020 in Fort Myers and the surrounding areas.

I will be giving away:

1 Day in the Life Documentary* Session | 6-8hrs | A full day with your family documenting breakfast to bed time and everything in between. Candid and not directed.

1 Half Day in the Life Documentary* Session | 4hrs | Half a day with your family documenting all of the little moments of your time together. Candid and not directed.

3 In Home Motherhood Sessions | 45-60min | Semi-directed session featuring intimate moments between mom and little one. These sessions are especially suited to families with newborns or younger children, as well as mothers wishing to document nursing, but there is no age limit. The session will involve intimate time exploring the bond between mother and child. Snuggling in bed or a comfy chair near a window will be the most common setting. Sweet bathtub sessions (read below) are also an option. This session will be planned and designed for you to best suit the details of your family.

*If you are unfamiliar with Documentary style photography please visit my home page to see examples of my work.

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As part of my Motherhood sessions I offer intimate bathtub sessions with mother and child, in your home, and catered to your level of comfort with nudity. Mothers will wear a bathing suit bottom at most for these sessions, but how much you want to show otherwise is completely up to you (bubbles can hide a lot!). This type of session requires a bathtub near a window with natural light*. *A bathtub session is only one of the options available to this type of session and is not required to book a Motherhood session.
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Documentary style sessions will be completely hands off and candid with no posing. Motherhood sessions will include minimal direction but will still aim to capture intimate true-to-life moments.
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If you are currently expecting, please provide your due date.
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