Mandy & Nora + The Traveling Dress | Downtown Fort Myers Motherhood Session

I recently gathered together with some other female photographers to participate in a traveling dress project. The dress finds its way from one photographer to another and each photographer puts their own spin on what sort of session they shoot with the dress. I took this task on even knowing that I am terrible about getting to the post office to send mail. Brave, aren't I? Some might say... a HERO. (No one. No one would say that.).


Mother and daughter sit for a photo in Downtown Fort Myers 

For my turn with the dress I wanted to shoot as I normally do: documentary and candid, emotional and affectionate, with a heart for laughter. Knowing that I wanted to start doing other types of Motherhood sessions outside of my intimate bathtub shoots I decided this would be a perfect opportunity. I recruited another awesome local photographer and her daughter to model for me. We met in Downtown Fort Myers at the local library and worked our way down the streets to a local beloved roof. It was a ton of fun and I would love to participate in another one of these in the future. Plus I got a great new friend out of it. Two new friends. Nora started the session growling at me but then she begged for me to come with them to get ice cream. We're cool now.

Little girl runs ahead of mom in the streets of downtown fort myers 
Tattooed mom holds little girl in her arms
Mother cuddles daughter close
Little girl and her mom have a race in the streets of downtown fort myers
Little girl and her mom have a race in the streets of downtown fort myers
Mother and daughter play on Bay street in Fort Myers 
Little girl with pig tail braids and her mom
Mom plays with daughter's braid as daughter buries her face in her neck
Mother and daughter sitting for photo in front of foliage 
Little girl running in the streets in Downtown Fort Myers FL
Daughter wears mom's oversized jean jacket as they share a sweet moment
Little girl and mother laughing together
Daughter wants her mother to pick her up as they stand in front of pink wall
Daughter gives mother a kiss
Close up of mom's hand on daughter's head holding her close
Mother and daughter dancing 
Mom picks up little girl

Once we finally made it to The Roof just in time for the sunset we ended up having a dance party. Because, ya know, what else does one do on a roof? 

Mom holds hands with daughter on Fort Myers roof
Woman on a roof in downtown fort myers at sunset
Mother and daughter look at music on iphone
Woman's hair blows in the wind on Fort Myers roof
Mother and daughter dance at sunset in downtown fort myers
Mother and daughter dance at sunset in downtown fort myers
Mother and daughter dance at sunset in downtown fort myers
Daughter runs into mother's arms on roof with a sunset in the background
Little girl hides behind her mother
Mother and daughter cuddle on roof at sunset
Little girl sits on stairs with downtown Fort Myers lights in background
Mother plays with daughter's hair in elevator
Little girl with pig tail braids looks outside glass elevator
Mother picks up daughter
Mother and daughter hold hands walking down street in downtown fort myers 

Want to see what the photographer before me did during her turn with the dress? Check it out here.

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Dress: Fahrenheit Tanning