Mandy & Nora + The Traveling Dress | Downtown Fort Myers Motherhood Session

I recently gathered together with some other female photographers to participate in a traveling dress project. The dress finds its way from one photographer to another and each photographer puts their own spin on what sort of session they shoot with the dress. I took this task on even knowing that I am terrible about getting to the post office to send mail. Brave, aren't I? Some might say... a HERO. (No one. No one would say that.).


Mother and daughter sit for a photo in Downtown Fort Myers 

For my turn with the dress I wanted to shoot as I normally do: documentary and candid, emotional and affectionate, with a heart for laughter. Knowing that I wanted to start doing other types of Motherhood sessions outside of my intimate bathtub shoots I decided this would be a perfect opportunity. I recruited another awesome local photographer and her daughter to model for me. We met in Downtown Fort Myers at the local library and worked our way down the streets to a local beloved roof. It was a ton of fun and I would love to participate in another one of these in the future. Plus I got a great new friend out of it. Two new friends. Nora started the session growling at me but then she begged for me to come with them to get ice cream. We're cool now.

Little girl runs ahead of mom in the streets of downtown fort myers 
Tattooed mom holds little girl in her arms
Mother cuddles daughter close
Little girl and her mom have a race in the streets of downtown fort myers
Little girl and her mom have a race in the streets of downtown fort myers
Mother and daughter play on Bay street in Fort Myers 
Little girl with pig tail braids and her mom
Mom plays with daughter's braid as daughter buries her face in her neck
Mother and daughter sitting for photo in front of foliage 
Little girl running in the streets in Downtown Fort Myers FL
Daughter wears mom's oversized jean jacket as they share a sweet moment
Little girl and mother laughing together
Daughter wants her mother to pick her up as they stand in front of pink wall
Daughter gives mother a kiss
Close up of mom's hand on daughter's head holding her close
Mother and daughter dancing 
Mom picks up little girl

Once we finally made it to The Roof just in time for the sunset we ended up having a dance party. Because, ya know, what else does one do on a roof? 

Mom holds hands with daughter on Fort Myers roof
Woman on a roof in downtown fort myers at sunset
Mother and daughter look at music on iphone
Woman's hair blows in the wind on Fort Myers roof
Mother and daughter dance at sunset in downtown fort myers
Mother and daughter dance at sunset in downtown fort myers
Mother and daughter dance at sunset in downtown fort myers
Daughter runs into mother's arms on roof with a sunset in the background
Little girl hides behind her mother
Mother and daughter cuddle on roof at sunset
Little girl sits on stairs with downtown Fort Myers lights in background
Mother plays with daughter's hair in elevator
Little girl with pig tail braids looks outside glass elevator
Mother picks up daughter
Mother and daughter hold hands walking down street in downtown fort myers 

Want to see what the photographer before me did during her turn with the dress? Check it out here.

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Dress: Fahrenheit Tanning

Sarah, Emma & Kate: South Florida Motherhood Session

Back in 2016 when I started this wild journey down the path of Documentary photography I put out a model call for families. One of those families was the Thornburgs. Abe and Sarah have two daughters: Emma and Kate. Here is a favorite photo of Emma and Abe during that first session.

Father and daughter play on Seesaw in South Florida backyard

I was ecstatic when they then booked a session with me the following year. That first session baby Kate was only a week old. By the second she was doing assisted gymnastics in the pool. See for yourself. 

Dad balances daughter with one hand in pool on Sanibel island in Florida 
Mother holds daughter in pool while the little girl laughs 

They grow up so fast don't they? I was seriously excited when Sarah decided to do a Motherhood session with me of just her and the girls. I love hanging out with them and this session was particularly special. Full of laughs and also some bubble related tears. 

Baby sits on mom's stomach in bathtub
Mom kisses baby in bathtub 
Sister puts bubbles on her sister's head in bathtub
Little girl splashes water and bubbles in the bathtub
Mother wipes bubbles off of daughter's face while other daughter plays with the water faucet
Mom and baby laugh at each in bubble bath
Little girls wear animal bathtub hoods after bath 
Mom and daughter look at reflections in the mirror and laugh
Mom embraces baby daughter while other daughter plays in the background
Little girl stares at reflection in the mirror after taking a bath

After bath time we moved on to lunch and nap time. Emma let me know that putting chips inside your sandwich is the way to go and that if Kate didn't finish her chips she was happy to help her out. I was also eyeballing the abandoned chips so as always I admired Emma for the honesty. Another new favorite saying of Emma's was "That's ridiculous." and personally I agree with that too.

Mom prepares peanut butter and jelly sandwich while daughter watches
Little girl eats peanut butter and jelly sandwich 
Little girl with curly hair laughs as mother tries to play with her 

Baby Kate was understandably tired after all of the fun we were having but Emma had different ideas about nap time that included less napping and more jumping on and off the bed to get various toys. Does anyone else think about how much they could get done as an adult if they only had a child's energy... or just me? 

Little girl cuddles baby doll in bed while mom cuddles her baby sister 
Mom's hand entwined with both daughter's arms during nap time 
Mother cuddles baby daughter in bed 

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Annabelle & Penelope: A South Florida Motherhood Session

When I decided to start offering Motherhood sessions it was perhaps the weirdest ask I’d ever put out into the social media world. I wanted Mom's who were brave enough to hop in the tub with their kids! It feels like an awkward and very large request to ask mothers to participate in such an intimate session with their children. But this is where I wanted to start. I had an idea in my head of what it could be. And it was.


After working through my first session… I found that, much like with my first families I found willing to give Documentary Family photography a try, it really wasn’t as awkward as it sounds. The only awkward moment came when Grandma showed up and was very confused (understandably) by the fact that we were having a photo session in the bathroom. 

Mom and Toddler in bathtub during a sweet motherhood moment

I truly couldn't explain the magic of these sessions without showing someone the images. After Annabelle hopped in the tub with Penny it was very much just about their bond and the fun of playing with Mermaids and pouring water on top of Mom’s head. Because how often is that allowed? How often do you get Mom in the tub WITH you for your daily bath? 

Daughter smiles at mother in bathtub during intimate South Florida Motherhood photo session

It was a really great opportunity to capture some very sweet moments that won’t be possible as Penelope grows older. Freeze frame on the memory of mom braiding her hair with capable and loving hands. The laughter as the water runs down her face. Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles. 

Little girl pours water on mom's head in the bath 
Daughter pours cup of water on mom's head in the bath
Toddler smiles and touches mom's face in the bathtub during a South Florida motherhood session
Little girl sticks her tongue out in a documentary portrait 
Mother laughs at daughter in bathtub during family documentary photo session
Little girl sticks out tongue to swallow water as mom rinses her hair in the bath

"i struggle so deeply
to understand
how someone can pour
their entire soul
blood and energy
into someone
without wanting
anything in

i will have to wait till i'm a mother - rupi kaur

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